Gira Studio Partner Mannheim

Hafner Schmich GmbH
Klaus Hafner, Ralph Schmich
N 5, 15
68161 Mannheim
Tel. +49 (0)621-30 98 11 88
Fax +49 (0)621-30 98 11 89

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An elegant setting for high-tech solutions

An exclusive showroom has opened near the Water Tower in Mannheim city centre. Gira Revox Studio Partners Klaus Hafner and Ralph Schmich display first-rate consumer electronics and building technology – subtly integrated in a homely ambiance with everything available for visitors to touch, try out and experience first-hand. Visitors can also find inspiration for decor and furnishings, while light and colour provide atmospheric touches to the showroom.

“The future belongs to comprehensive solutions that can communicate with one another as opposed to individual products,” explains audio specialist Klaus Hafner, who runs the new studio together with Ralph Schmich, a professional electrician. Audio technology is elegantly integrated into building automation via a Revox multiroom system – although the networking also includes TV solutions, Gira door communication, video cameras, weather stations and individual components such as lights, blinds or window contacts. A Gira HomeServer acts as the intelligent central control unit in the background.

“We display a multitude of technical possibilities, although these do not dominate or immediately catch the eye,” continues Klaus Hafner. Music sounds from Revox speakers installed invisibly in the wall or inconspicuously in the ceiling, while other devices disappear into furniture. In addition, there is a multitude of solutions that blend well with the interior. Revox speakers with a glass front, for example, fit perfectly into an elegant ambiance.

 “Building automation is a complex topic that I can showcase in a vivid, practical way here,” adds electrician Ralph Schmich. All the relevant components are linked by a KNX system and can be centrally operated on a large touch display, the Gira Control 19 Client. Operation using a tablet or smartphone is also possible as an option. For example, entire light scenes can be called up in conjunction with special playlists – and all at the touch of a finger. “We can also demonstrate clever automations here. A whole lighting mood is activated when the television is switched on.” When occupants enter the home using Gira Keyless In, they are recognised and their personal favourite music and the light scenes defined for them are triggered. When they leave the home, all the relevant power sources, music and lighting are switched off at once, the alarm system is activated or they are notified whether and where windows are still open. Building technology therefore enables greater convenience and security and helps to make efficient use of energy.

The showroom’s high-quality furnishings convey the quality of the solutions and products featured – their value, timeless elegance and durability. The premium brands Gira and Revox are ideally suited to these requirements. On-site consultations always focus on discussions surrounding customers’ desires and visions. Based on these consultations, recommendations can be made and customised concepts can be developed – with a constant emphasis on easy operation. In addition to building owners, architects and planners are also more than welcome to visit the showroom.



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